Picomax silicon case shipping

Hi I’m trying to buy the silicon case on indiegogo but can’t select shipping to Hong Kong. You managed to fulfil the projector to Hong Kong so why is it now not possible with the case? :frowning:

I am eager to get the case so I hope there is a solution!


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I have a problem as well. I live in Thailand. Press to order. It said that I cannot send to this country.

Hello, yes we have selected few countries first and then we will open new one. We want to be careful about shipping

Hi Philips, the silicone case is still not available for shipping to the UAE. This seems unfair. When are they likely to start shipping to the rest of the world where people are using this projector?

Hello, it will be soon be available on Amazon. We will start very soon to ship to the current backers.

Thanks for the reply. Looking forward to it!

Dear Philips Team

Your last update on Indiegogo was 3 months ago and I’m not the only one who hasn’t received the silicon case yet.
When do you plan to send them out and especially inform your loyal backers!?!?
I find it very brazen of you to take the money from us for the development and manufacturing and then offer the product for sale on various online platforms before your supporters get it.

Please post the current shipping status on Indiegogo and give me a definitive delivery date.


Hello . I ordered my silicone picopix case on the 21 / 01/ 21 … 5 month later still no news .
My contribution number 22841

Can u help please ?

Looking forward to hear from you .



My Indiegogo order for the silicone case has just been refunded. What is going on please?

Contribution 22384


What’s going on?
I also received a refund for €39 – contribution [22049]
On the 27th of April I received an email from Backerkit requesting the Vat amount €7.80 which I paid… I’d much rather receive the product than a refund. If you’re cancelling the crowdfunding, please also refund the vat paid. Otherwise, Please ship me the Item. Thank you.