PicoPix boots to black screen

Nothing out of the ordinary happened. One day I powered the unit on and it started booting to a screen with no visibility. The projection seems to be clearly working still. I want to say this happened closely following a firmware update but not directly afterwards.

Any suggestions? How do you factory reset the unit?

Hi @midnight51 this is actually a known issue (now) in the home screen. We are trying our best to solve it quickly. Until then, you can do a factory reset as a workaround:

  • insert a pin into the reset hole (1st hole on the right side of the projector near the USB-C POWER input).

  • keep it pressed and power on the projector.

  • from the recovery menu, select “Wipe data/factory reset”

You will lose your content and settings, but the software update will stay.

I figured that out by luck somehow and already performed the reset. Thanks for the heads up. What is the second pin hole for?