PicoPix Max - low brightness

I have been using PicoPix Max for over a year, and one problem troubles me. The brightness output of my projector is really weak. I thought that some update might solve it, but it seems that It is a hardware problem.
Reviews from other users show and mention that the brightness is excellent, but my si weak compare to them.

I attached photos captured during dark autumn cloudy days. Even though the projection is not big (you can compare it with the size of the guitar), the output is dim.

Even more disturbing is that I used to have my old projector Optoma ML330, which claimed 500 ANSI lumens, and it was even brighter than my PicoPic Max with 850 ANSI lumens. The attached picture clearly shows (besides the different colour profiles) that the PicoPic Max is dimmer even though it should be 70% brighter. The picture was taken in a completely dark room.

Just a reminder, all pictures were taken when the projector was connected to power and was in either presentation or normal mode.

Despite the claimed high brightness, this is a really poor outcome. It almost looks like I have PPX620 with the PPX520 light source. The projector was delivered to me with a long delay, and the reason was the lack of a light source, which only one manufacturer supplied. Should this be the result after all?

I have once complained about the projector due to a faulty battery charge. Even this complaint did not improve the light output, which I already mentioned at the time.

Does anyone have a similar problem? Do you know what it could be?
Thank you in advance for your reply.

Looks like an issue with the internal light source. It should be a lot brighter than that even with some ambient light. I would escalate this back to Phillips.

Yep looks like a manufacturing defect, send it back.

The color seems to be alot more yellow.
I think the green led is driven too hard and deteriorates faster than the rest ( green becomes yellow) . I had this problem with a Vivitek Qumi Q3.
Send it back under warranty. They are normally lastimg between 20k-30k hours…to reach half bright ess

Thanks for the answers. I am going to return the projector. I have already contacted Philips support, but so far, no response.

Well, Phillips’ service sent me my old unrepaired projector back saying nothing more than:
Unit checked for customer fault indication and all functions.
VDE test performed
According to the guideline of the manufacturer, we send the unrepaired device back to you.

That’s all…

Dear community user,

Our apologies for this, we have addressed it directly via our CS channel.
All the necessary measures of pick up and replacement are underway and we aim to have the situation solved fully as per initial expectation briefly.

Kind regards,