PicoPix Max One Firmware Update Date

I just got the PicoPix Max One, and here are the issues that I am facing:

  • USB-C does not work as video input, it gives me an error. I tried using an Ipad Pro, Macbook, Nintendo Switch, Razer Blade (with Thunderbolt 3), my phone, and even a USB-C flash memory stick, nothing worked. Keep in mind all these devices connect fine to my type-c monitors.

  • USB-A port is not powerful enough to power a Google Tv (/Chromecast). I thought that was the whole point of that port

  • Bluetooth Audio Delays. When I use a Bluetooth speaker with HDMI input (whether I am using windows, mac, or google tv) I get some audio delay, and I was wondering if there is a way to play with latency so they sync.

  • HDMI-CEC does nothing, Google TV cannot access it

  • Google TV can’t replace the remote of the projector. I mean maybe it’s a problem from google’s side. During the Google TV setup, it asks me for my TV brand and tries different combinations of code to control it using the google remote and that fails.

  • Bonus would be cool if the type-c type-a ports can be used as an adapter. Like I connect the Chromecast via the first USB port and a USB stick to the second that the Chromecast can access. That would be a stretch, but that would add reading movies from USB functionality.

I found no firmware update whatsoever unless I missed something, and I was wondering if one is planned, and when to expect it.

Other than that, the projector is great and I am enjoying it a lot.


Your post is very interesting and I hope Philips will respond quickly.

I was close to buy one but if a Chromecast with Android TV isn’t working with the Usb to power it up it’s a cool down!
And the cec not working is unpleasant at this price.

Even when the picopix is plugged in the wall the Chromecast doesn’t start ?

Thanks for your time .

I am using a Chromecast with Google TV (white), maybe it has more power requirements than the black Chromecast?
I used the included cable that came with which is 1.5m (5 foot) long, maybe a shorter cable would have a better outcome?
Yes, the projector was plugged into the wall outlet, the Chromecast would boot up, then beep and display a message "Low power, don’t plug Chromecast into TV port, instead plug it into a charger).
The chrome case worked fine with my 6 years old Power bank.

Thank you for the information !

I don’t think the length of the cable change anything but we never know ahah

Anyways, it make me rethink about the portability, you will always need something to charge the Chromecast and then you will charge the projector so… When do we use the battery ? :joy:

Other than that, seems to have a great picture and feels fun to use !


1: please use a SPECIFIC USB-C video cable, not just a charging cable. I remind you that Apple USB-C cable are not for video
2: We have the normal chromecast and it works perfectly, also with the Amazon Fire Stick 4K and Xiaomi Stick. Can you tell use which model you are exactly using?
3: about CEC: we will check. Have you activated CEC in your chromecast as well?


Thank you for prompt reply.

1: I tried 2 different Type-C cables (one that uses for my external harddrive, and the second I use for my eGPU, both that support thunderbolt 3) I used those cables with my USB-C monitor and had no issue
2: The new Chromecast (GoogleTV) requires slightly more power than an older Chromecast, my 7-year-old power bank can yet power the googleTV.
3: After using the projector for a while now, the CEC sometimes works, sometimes it doesn’t and I need to restart it for it to work.
4: What is the projector’s remote configuration profile (not CEC), so google tv can access it like if it was a universal remote via their IR blaster (this feature is demonstrated here). The projector is not listed, maybe another device shares the same IR configuration?

Kind regards,


Strange, i have a Xiaomi mi tv stick ( with google app store and also chromecast) and im using the original usb cable from the tv stick and it powers the stick perfect. I can use the projector with only the battery. Do you use the original cable from the chromecast? I activated CEC on the projector and i can use the projector remote or the xiaomi bt remote for the tv stick so CEC works

I’m in the process of deciding to buy a Chromecast with Google TV (the new one) for my PPM.

Did you manage to get it working well? Can it be powered from the USB-C (Power) port on the PPM? Did you manage to map the Chromecast power button to turn on the projector? Does the Chromecast pair well (no latency) to an external BT speaker? Can you adjust volume (while BT Paired) using the Chromecast remote?