Picopix Max PPM620 starts only in Recovery Mod

I am contacting you in the hope that you can help me with a problem I have with my Philips Picopix Max PPM620 projector. Recently the projector only starts in recovery mode, I have already done a wired recovery but unfortunately without success, it starts in recovery mode Supports Api 3 :cry:

@Philips_Support_P can you help to check ?

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@Philips_Support_P :face_with_peeking_eye:

Is there a service for the Philips Picopix Max where you can send it in for repairs? I’m from Germany
@Philips_Support_N @Philips_Support_P

Hello @Selocan have you tried the Cable restore procedure?

Yes, and this has happened several times, but the problem remains

It’s possible that the internal flash storage or RAM are damaged. Please contact our After Sales with the problem. They will help you with repair options.