PicoPix Max Question: 3D ready?

PicoPix Max is a DLP projector, but is it 3D ready (using active 3D glasses)? If not, is it possible to install an app to watch 3D movies?

Thanks so much everyone!

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As far as I am aware 3D is not supported.

Unfortunately, 3D is not supported. 3D has been on a decline in the past years so Philips did not include it. It would have been great though. Only way to get 3D on it is the good ol’ anaglyph glasses :smiley:

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Ok, thank you. 3D is not supported, but is there a way to add a DLP link (for active 3D glasses) using other software? or does the DLP link require different hardware?

Interestingly, when I connect to a Windows PC via HDMI, my PicoPix Max seems to advertise 3D capability, as also shown in Display Resolution properties although I can’t really get anything out of it.

Does this mean that DLP Link 3D support can be implemented later at a firmware level, or only that the video chipset advertises 3D support but is bottlenecked by other hardware thus making this impossible to support?

@IvoGrijt Any ideas on this?

I think 3D is available in Windows 10 for most monitor if not all. At least this is how it is in my experience. Even with my portable monitor, 3D can be enabled though I’m pretty sure it’s not supported.

I believe PPM isn’t capable of 3D so your only option is the good old anaglyph glasses. I have mine and it works fine aside from obliviously the color issues :slight_smile: