PicoPix micro 2 | don't detect usb c input

We bought the PicoPix micro 2 and tried mirroring our android/ios devices using usb-c cable and changed the input source to USB-C but both phones can’t be detected. Both devices were unlocked when we tried. We updated the version to R2.0.22 from the website and it didn’t work. By the way HDMI does work. We also have some questions we would like to ask you:
Can we use Android TV in this projector?

Can we mirror phones remotly using chromecast or something?

Is the version we updated it to should work properly and the latest?

1: concerning your android smartphone: have you checked that you are using a USB-C video cable ? Have you checked if your smartphone is indeed compatible with USB-C with HDMI out ? Not all smartphone with a USB-C port can do video
2: concerning iOS: there is no cable able to connect from lightning to USB-C, you need the Apple AV adapter. If you are using an iPad with USB-C connection, please be sure your USB-C cable is video. I remind you that the USB-C cable given with the iPad or MacBook Pro are not video enabled.