PicoPix Micro 2 TV PPX360/INT remote control issue

Hi all,

I have tried to find a solution online forever and would like to see whether anyone is experiencing the same issue as me.

The issue is with my remote control which only responds intermittently. At the start, when pressing buttons the signal light at the top would flash red and nothing would happen. It seems it needs to be flashing blue for anything to work on the Android TV inside. Sometimes toggling the system settings menu on and off does the trick but only lasts for a while.

When the remote works and if I press the buttons too fast then some crazy thing happens and the remote goes into this auto-scroll mode and keep scrolling vertically or horizontally and it’s hard to recover control each time it happens.

Has anyone experienced this issue? How to fix this?

Thanks in advance for the help.

Hi @Venceslas the remote that comes with Micro2TV is two remotes in one. To control the Android TV, you need it to be in Bluetooth mode. In this mode, all button presses will flash the LED blue.

To control the projector’s own menus, you need it to be in infrared red. In this mode the LED flashes in red. You may need to point the remote more directly at the projector because unlike Bluetooth, it requires line-of-sight.

Press the last key on the remote to switch between modes. This button also shows/hides the on-screen menu.

Thank you Prashant. I still find it strange and not very easy to use as I project to my ceiling and the project is facing me.

How about my scrolling issue? Any ideas?

I was just told to update the firmware but I have no way to know which version I should download or install.

How do I know if I have an R1 or R2? There is no mention anywhere on the box.

Successfully upgraded to the latest firmware and the problem is still there I’m afraid.

Successfully upgraded to the latest firmware and the problem is still there I’m afraid.

Dear community user,

Can you confirm that you are not projecting the image to the ceiling in this case? the projector’s IR sensor which is at the back, and gets hidden (since the projector is pointing upwards) and so in infrared mode (red led) the remote’s commands are being missed.

For 99% of the time, when using the android tv, the remote will be in bluetooth mode and none of these issues should happen. During the time when you want to control some settings of the projector by switching the remote to infrared mode, it’s best to point directly at the back of the projector or, as a workaround, place a mirror under the projector.

This will reflect the infrared light of the remote control directly into the sensor at the back of the projector.