Picture and sound synchronisation

Hello everyone

Yesterday I took delivery of a 128Gb micro SD card, and was eager to test it. For me, having the ability to be truly ‘wire-free’ is so appealing!

I projected ‘The Wicker Man’. I connected my Bose SoundLink Mini bluetooth speaker via bluetooth. My logic (maybe flawed!) is that internal video and sound from the PPM would successfully sync, but it didn’t. There was noticeable lag between the two. It varied as well. I tried connecting the speaker via an Aux cable to the PPM jack, and it didn’t improve things, which seems bizarre.

I did one more test. I connected the PPM to HDMI and the speaker and Aux cable to the Mac Mini that it was being served from. The sound/video syncronisation was perfect.

Any ideas, observations or solutions from others who have countered the same problems with internal content would be appreciated! I really, really want to use the PPM as a completely standalone item. At present its use as a ‘portable’ projector is a little disappointing.

On a separate note I noticed that when I went into the File Explorer to play the movie from the micro SD card, there were three software options for playing the video. Is one of these players better than the others? I am not sure why there needs to be three different ways of doing the same thing.

Thank you for any help!

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