Please let us bring back HBO Max in the launcher

It seems that the latest version of the launcher (2.6.2) has blacklisted the HBO Max app. Even if the app is still installed, its icon is removed from the launcher. Instead the Max app is now available in the in-launcher app store.

In my region (the Netherlands, and I guess most of Europe), the Max service is not yet available and instead the website for example redirects to the old HBO Max site. I cannot use the Max app on my PPX Max (*). I have found a version of the HBO Max app that still works just fine for me in my region, but I have to launch it via the hidden menu, which is annoying to say the least.

Please can I have my HBO Max icon back in the launcher?

*: Even after updating to a newer version of the Max app than what is available via the in-launcher app store, I am simply not allowed to sign in with my HBO Max account because the service is not available. The Max service will not be available until somewhere in 2024, and until that time we are expected to continue using the HBO Max service.

Hello @_fov we’re sorry for the oversight! We’ll bring the HBO app right back. Please update to v2.6.3 of the launcher.

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