Plex not recognizing local server

It seems the Plex app on the PPM has issues locating my local (same network) Plex media server.

Every other device on my network (both on iOS and Android) detect the server fine, and about 10% of the time my PPM will detect it. This leads me to believe there is an issue with the PPM software, as every other device is fine.

I do use VPN on all my devices, and occasionally I need to disconnect the VPNs to get them connected again, but it’s usually just a quick disconnect and reconnect on all my other devices. The PPM just stubbornly won’t connect, even when the VPN is disabled on both the PPM and server.

I’ve tried signing out then back in with the VPNs off on both, and have had occasional success (read 10% of the time).

Any ideas?

Have you tried providing the IP of the server manually? Does that work?

I haven’t seen that option anywhere in the PPM Plex app. Am I missing it?

It seems to work more regularly now, but the projector keeps dropping the wifi. I think my issues are more related to poor wifi reliability.

So I seem to have it working semi reliably now. The trick seems to be, disable VPN on server and client before opening Plex. After it is open it seems to need a full restart to attempt a connection again, and since there is no way to force close an app on PPM right now…

Once you’ve disabled all VPN, open Plex and allow it to connect. Then turn on VPN on server and PPM, and from that point forward make sure the VPNs are in both before opening the app. It seems that having the app open when you first connect the VPN tells the server where to look with it on, or something like that. Then it only works with the VPN on because that’s what it’s looking for. It seems that way anyway.

Now the only problem is, while I can now see and stream from my local server, all live content like podcasts and web shows are unavailable on the PPM. Other apps work fine, but for webshows and podcasts I just get the yellow triangle and “currently unavailable.” Very strange since it clearly sees my server, and I have internet connectivity.

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I read somewhere that running the Sytem Optimization routine from the Projector Settings menu also force closes all apps. You could try that.

As for the rest I’m glad you got further into the troubleshooting and now have a working workaround.