Possibility of developing a simple PicoPix PC companion app?

Could someone in the tech team investigate the possibility to develop a simple PicoPix PC companion app for adjusting horizontal keystone and 4 corner correction and other relevant feature when projecting from a laptop? It could be quite helpful for quick living room setup, as well as business presentations

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How about developing a small device with two HDMI ports and possibility to manually handle the 4 corner correction. I tried to google device like this, but could not find any. You could even add a Bluetooth connection and manual audio lag tuning in this box :wink:

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that sounds like a lot more work but if philips decide to go with no 4 corner adjust with many more models, it might make sense to develop

Yeah… Definetly the PC app would be more simple to create and much easier to use.
I actually have an old projector, with only keystone correction and no easy way to get audio out of projector. For these kind of devices the external box would come in handy.

Love the way you think @spude and @Sekishira. The PC app would definitely be quicker to do but the HDMI would be more versatile and platform/source independent. The way I imagine it is that it could come with a simple Bluetooth based companion app that allows users to set the keystone using their phones.

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A 4 corner correction dongle would be a very niche product, and it would require an Intel HDCP key to extract and modify DRM HDMI content. Those two factors would make it quite expensive.

But if you think there is a market, you should set up an Indiegogo campaign…

For me, personally, a phone app would be preferable to a laptop app. It would be awesome to have an app that can do the following

  • Act as a remote control /trackpacd for the remote
  • Adjust volume, picture controls (brightness, mode, colour etc) without having to exit the current picture.
  • Adjust corrections for internal content

This is an interesting idea that has been discussed earlier but specifically the use-case of changing color settings etc from the phone is a great one. Theoretically it would make it possible for people to adjust colors while watching whatever they are because the UI will be on the phone and settings can be changed in the background. This can calm a lot of concerns for people keen on adjusting the colors. I think this will only work for internal content though but is still a good fix. Also, for the ability to have mouse/trackpad control and see your screen, you can technically install teamviewer on the projector. Someone on the team did that for when their kids are using the projector in another room and mentioned that it generally worked well.

@PhilipsEngineering please take note and if needed, put my engineering and design abilities to use in designing this app or mapping out how the overall experience would work; I have more time on my hands because of the pandemic. Maybe version 1 of the companion app could just have the color adjustment module and we can add things on as we go along.

@PhilipsEngineering ^

Already in development with a working prototype internally, but no public release ETA at the moment.