Possible to use a Remote IR extender?


is it possible to use a TV extender, something like “BAFX All-in-One Infrared IR Repeater Kit/Remote Control Extender Cable”?

It requires an IR transmitter end to be set on the source, so the U5 in this case. The transmitter must be set where the IR receiver from the U5 is located. Where is that IR Received located ? I had a look in the user guide, it refers to the “IR sensor on the projector” (see picture below) but doesn’t say where it exactly is.




For the best control, please pair the remote with Bluetooth to the projector. Did you do it ?

Hi, thanks for the quick reply. Indeed, I’m currently using the remote paired via bluetooth. The reason why I’m asking is that I’m considering a custom TV stand, with the possibility to open up the top of a bay where the U5 would be located. There would be fixed parts on all sides but the top, with enough space on the sides to avoid overheating. It might still prevent the remote to work, either using Bluetooth or IR. Before finalizing the design of that TV stand, I just want to make sure there will be at least this possibility as a plan B.



Hello Stef,
We are indeed preparing an update where the remote control will be working only in BT. Even for Power On. SO you won’t need those :slight_smile:

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