Posting new topics on the forum, and new categories

Dear Philips Projection community members,

At the moment everyone with an issue or question just starts a new topic, sometimes without searching for a relevant thread to post in first. While this is not forbidden, we have looked for a way to keep the increasing number of topics at bay and wanted to start by limiting this behavior for users with a trust level lower than level 2.

So we made the following change: Instead of completely blocking the ability to create new topics for users with Trust level < 2, the topic is now marked for review and approval by a moderator. So Trust levels >= 2 can start new topics but lower levels need moderator approval before their topic is visible on the forum.

So when we get a notification to review the post, we can approve or reject it. After approval we can then move it into the right category or even an already existing thread if we know of one. We can also reject it if the topic isn’t appropriate at all.

We will also soon be introducing new subcategories for the Technical section which will help our users to find information faster and if not already available, find existing similar threads to post their question in.