Power Bank / Portable Chargers

Hi all

I appreciate that this is a recurring topic but I found numerous entries detailing problems with power banks and very few positive suggestions. And none recently.

I am looking for a power bank that will work flawlessly with the PPM to extend it past it’s internal battery usage when viewing outdoors. Not sure whether the power bank charges the PPM or if it draws power from the PPM first then the battery pack or the other way round? How’s it manage it?

Anyone with any positive experiences for something that just works? I am in Australia so something from Amazon Australia or JB Hi Fi would be ideal.

Thanks very much all.

I’ve been using the imuto x6g power bank… works fine for the picopix and pretty much everything else I need to charge

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Someone here found one from Kogan that works. it’s about $70.

EDIT- it was in the Facebook group, it’s this one.

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The Zendue Supertank was a good match according to the feedback, im awaiting the “Pro” version which I’m hoping they will upgrade the Firmware (its key USP) to support 15v 4a in the future.

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Wow. I just clicked that link again and the price went up from AUD$79 to $209.99 or $89.99 if you sign up to Kogan First. That’s a nope from me, then.

Yup, it’s Kogan playing tricks. Forcing signup to Kogan First to get it for the price it should be. All good as long as you remember to cancel after the free period… Sneaky though.

It’s currently at AUD$59. I bought one but haven’t tested it yet.