Power-Supply (PSU) buzz noise

Is it normal that some buzz noise is coming from the power-Supply (PSU)? Its not that loud but can be noticed during the night when f.e. one meter away and try to sleep.

I don’t think I noticed anything like this. Is it perhaps something with your power socket?
Can you try other in your house and see if it still happens?

it can be a flaw in the power supply, depends on how they made it.
usually you have 2 spools of copper wire and they get coated in a lacquer, if that is not 100% covering the wires you can get a buzzing sound. im not saying it is the reason but it is a possibility

Mine also make that annoying noise. As you say, it’s not that loud, but enough to bother me when I tried to get asleep one meter away. I ended up swapping laptop’s and PPM’s power units. Quite a relief! :sweat_smile:

My PPM is also buzzing when loading. Is there an official solution to the problem?

Same for mine.

Hello all, this is inductor coil whine. It’s normal, unless it sounds really not-normal, or heats up beyond getting warm — in which case you should contact our support to get a replacement charger.

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I have the same annoing problem with noise when switched off and fully charged.

In other words: there’s no “solution” available for this.