PPM Can't Project & Update #18 Clarifications

Hi PPM Team

The projector is turned on because the fan is working and I can cast to it (it projects my video’s sound)
But the projector bulb is not turning on at all.

Totally dark even with the projector running

This happened after the launcher crashed while just navigating through the projector settings. Was working for 1 hour (hence I could set up the WiFi and updated to 1.0.24) but now the bulb doesn’t light up at all.

Already submitted a bug report to bugreport@screeneo.com & hello@picopix.com 8 DAYS AGO! No reply whatsoever!!

I am based in Singapore and remember that you mentioned the PPM can be serviced here. If I need to send it to the service center, please provide the details and refund the shipping cost accordingly.

This is so frustrating!


"- We changed the PCB to get Bluetooth 5

  • Issues with Autofocus function are coming from the Light Engine suppliers and we finally found the root of the problem: not enough glue and shipping issues"

So, are we all getting new PPMs? Mine was shipped 29 Dec.
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Contribution Date: September 2, 2019

I think they will be saturated with emails, but sooner or later they will give you a solution, I hope so. I consider philips a serious brand and they would look very bad if they don’t give you a solution, cheer up!

i believe the best would be to contact the support from philips.
it doesn’t seems to be a bug to me but more a hardware issue.

Yea, already did 8 days ago. Hope they can get back soon. Thanks all

Hi! Just got mine today (SG). Bulb not turning on too. LED indicator, fan ok. Any update from Philips? Thanks

None… According to their latest update, we should be getting a new PPM but no word yet. Assume it’s because their China manufacturing has halted for 2 weeks due to the holidays. Sucks that shipment is delayed and quality is sub-par. Expected so much more from Philips