PPM configuration backup / restore / transfer

While thinking about the implications of doing a factory reset I stumbled upon an idea:
Would it be possible to backup the configuration of the PPM and restore this at a later time, possibly on another PPM than the original? Use cases could be amongst others:

  • Backing up your settings & apps, possibly data as well prior to lending / renting out the PPM
  • If a company or school has multiple of these, it would be nice to have them all configured similarly, with a base image for all of them that they can be restored to if corrupted / changed by the user (not factory but company reset)
  • If a unit fails you can quickly get a replacement up and running

Some features of such an app could include:

  • An ability to write the backup to a SD card or USB stick of sufficient size, by pressing a few touchpad keys at the same time. That would help in the event that the screen doesn’t display an image but the rest is working still. It could beep or flash the LED indicator in a certain fashion to indicate that it’s busy or finished.
  • Possibly handling more than one backup image on a stick / SD card, allowing per user / situation settings / profiles to be made or restored
  • Possibly the ability to make or retrieve the backup in a wireless manner to a local NAS or cloud storage service, forced if so configured and changes are detected.
  • If the previous feature was implemented, it could be used to provision PPM’s from a central repository, this would be again useful in corporate or educational settings. Rather than having teachers only have projection abilities while in certain classrooms they could get a PPM assigned to them when requested, and have their own apps, settings, and data (if wanted or needed) pushed to it beforehand

Is there already something like this out there in the Android world perhaps, I’m not that familiar with the Android ecosystem.

What do you guys think, is this something you’d see use for and would like to see? Vote using the button above the topic if you do.

There’s usually cloud backup for on Android phones but I think that’s tied up to Google so that might not be possible on PPM given the lack of google services. There are also custom recovery that can backup the whole system/user data such as TWRP but I don’t think that’s also possible on PPM. Not surr how capable the PPM’s recovery though.

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Being able to backup and restore an image of your PPM would be fantastic. +1 this feature request!


Mandatory :point_up: