PPM doesn't power on after all (After using for 9 months)

Hi Support,

I’ve been using my projector for almost 9 months since I received it on 30-December-2019. Everything is working fine until 11-September-2020, I believe my projector is completely dead. :worried:

I’ve send an email to the support, and also want to share my experience here with the community. Below is some of the details of the projector. Hope Philips support may help to look into the issues.

Projector Details:

Ticket ID : 29807

Projector Received : 30 December 2019

Projector Situation:

-I’ve been using the projector since I received it almost every night, with power plug in by using the original adapter provided.

-While charging , LED was observed to be blinking red and blue constantly since around 6 months ago, however I do not take any action as I assume this is normal condition.

-On 11-September-2020 , I observed the battery indicator shows only 75% was charged (it has always remained fully charged before), by the time I assume it was only a temporary fault indicator and no action was taken. After 30 minutes of watching, the projector was completely shut down by itself , and not able to be turned on since then.

  • Unable to turn on the projector , neither using remote control nor power button at the back.

  • LED was observed no longer blinking/ light up when the power plugged in.

  • Test the projector power adapter : Plug in to my phone (huawei P10) and it is able to charge my phone ( Conclusion: Power adapter is not faulty. )

  • Test the projector battery : Use another power adapter plug into the projector, the LED is still not blinking/ light up, and not able to turn on as well. (At this point I assume it could be due to battery faulty )

  • Below are the troubleshooting results based on the procedure provided by PhilipsEngineering @Prashant .

Troubleshooting Results:

Check Power Adapter and USB cable

  • Are you pressing and holding the power button (on the projector or the remote) for a few seconds? (YES)
  • Are you using the supplied power adapter and USB-C cable? (YES)
  • Do you see red/blue flashing LED on plugging in the charger? This means the power adapter you’ve connected is not supported. Please use the supplied power adapter. (YES, but I am using the supplied adapter and cable)

If you’re using the supplied adapter and cable, continue to the next section.

Check battery charge status

  • Make sure the projector is powered OFF. (YES)
  • Connect the power adapter to the projector. Make sure you plug it into the right side USB-C port (charging port), not the left side (video port)! (YES, connect to USB-C port (charging port))
  • Does the LED turn red? (NO) If yes, let it charge for 3 hours until the LED turns blue. (NA) Then unplug it, and power it on. Does it work? (NA)
  • If the LED doesn’t light up at all, check that: (YES, LED doesn’t light up at all)
    • the adapter is receiving power from the wall socket. (YES, try using the supplied adapter and cable to charge my phone, it works.)
    • do you have another USB-C device? (YES) Can the PicoPix adapter charge that device? (YES) If not, the adapter may be faulty.
  • If the LED lights up blue, it means the battery is fully charged. (NO, LED doesn’t light up at all) Continue to next section.

Check display problems

If your projector can turn on but doesn’t display any picture, check this as you power on the projector: (Projector doesn’t turn on)

  • Do you see the white Philips logo startup screen? (NA)
    • if yes, but there is no picture afterwards, check that all cables (HDMI / USB-C) are unplugged. (NA)
    • does pressing the home button on the remote or touchpad causes the home screen to appear? (NA)
    • does pressing the autofocus button on the remote show the focusing screen? (NA)
  • Does the projector power off shortly after showing the home screen? (NA) It could be a thermal shutdown. check next section.

Thermal shutdown

If you don’t see the Philips startup screen, or the projector powers off soon after starting up, check the following:

  • Do you hear the fan spinning up when you power on the projector? (NA, Projector doesn’t turn on)
  • Do you have at least 30 cm free space on all sides of the projector to allow free movement of air? (YES)
  • What is the altitude of your city? (the atmosphere might be thin!) (Normal altitude)
  • What is the room temperature where you’re using the projector? (Air-conditioned room, 22 celcius)