PPM One´s feedback

It´s a great device ready to work out of the box, but not without some little issues. If I have to nitpick…

  • Colors need some tweaking (reds are pinkish and greens are a bit too saturated in certain scenes). More presets are welcome!

  • Input lag for gaming seems a bit high as stated by @ched benchmarks. But, fortunately, Prashant mentioned a patch is in the works.

  • Missing HDMI-CEC inputs (my AVR is oblivious to volume changes)

  • Random inputs coming from the remote (maybe a faulty one, but not a big fuss as they are pretty scarce).

  • No battery percentage display, it should be built-in.

BTW, I confirm a DC to USB C adapter works (30 minutes testing with a Zendure Supertank powerbank), so more freedom for portable fun!

Looking forward to upcoming updates!