PPM Wireless Setup - Airplay/Airplay2 Audio Video Sync Test

Did anyone tested AV sync lag while playing airplay video from macbook/iphone to ppm and alongside stream audio(of that video) to airplay2 supported wireless speaker such as Bose home speaker 500?
Was Keystone horizontal/vertical correction working properly with this setup?

The keystone should work. However are you sure you can Airplay to 2 different destinations? My ipad doesn’t allow me to do that. When I try to cast audio it disconects from the video destination. Could be different on Macbook though, haven’t tested on it.

@vzhivkov I haven’t received PPM yet, so not sure either. However I am considering the test case where we split the audio and video airplay destination such as video on PPM and audio to a Airplay2 supported wireless speaker.
Below link suggests its possible
Another article which discuss similar setup:

Please let us know if its possible for you to test the AV sync lag in this setup

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As far as I see both links are for HDMI transfering video and audio wireless over Airplay. That way is possible for sure. Ny point was that at least on my Ipad I can not have both audio and video transfered over Airplay to 2 different destinations.

@vzhivkov Yeah, you are right. Sorry about the wrong link. Will update later if I find some better references.