PPX3410 - blue screen after Phillips logo

I have a PicoPix 3410. I really like this little projector but it suddenly stopped working. I can switch it on with remote then I see the Phillips logo. Then logo disappears and In only see a blue screen, cannot get into the menu. Is there a way to fix this? Even if we need to update firmware or similar I am happy to do it just need some guidance. I hope it can be fixed. :frowning:


Unfortunately this product is quite old (2013) and we don’t support it. I think the issue is not software but hardware. What is happening if you connect something on the HDMI port?


Thank you for replying back to me. Once I switch it on I can hear the fan running, then I see the Phillips logo nice and clear.

Then this blue screen appears with some kind of ‘ant war’ on it and I see white and blue squares at the very bottom of screen exactly like this:

A few people posted the same issue on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/projectors/comments/j7r6y7/picopix_ppx3410_not_booting_into_menu/

And screen slightly blinks after around every 2 seconds, like it stuck in a loop or something.

If I attach a USB drive it’s powering up, no difference if I attach something to HDMI port.

Is there any way to hard reset these machines without being in the menu? I understand that you are not supporting this machine anymore. However, and ideas or help would be much appreciated.

I see. Seems the Linux OS is not booting.
I’m sorry to say that even if we can technically repair it, it will be easier, faster and cheaper to purchase a new one. Depending where you are, we are currently running some discount on our new projectors