Problems with chrome casting on Android (audio stutter and direct casting not working}

I start another thread here as the main post in the firmware update thread is getting lost.

I own a galaxy note 9, I haven’t found a way to play the contents of my phone in a satisfactory way.

Ppm updated to latest firmware

Chromecasting by sharing the whole screen of the phone:
It always has audio stutter, even with PPM BLE off and good power 5Ghz network on both phone and PPM. video plays smoothly and with good resolution.

Chromecasting by direclty sending content to the PPM via the “cast” icon in any video playback window: phone says video is playing, but nothing happens on the PPM
Same for YouTube videos from YouTube app on the phone. This usually works fine with fire stick.

Miracast: Audio doesn’t stutter, video plays but there are visible artifacts, especially in scenes with a lot of motion in it. It seems miracast has a limited framerate by default.

Hi @Vito_Darpaki can you please install “AirServer Connect” on your phone, and use it to cast via AirPlay™ instead? This should be more stable than Miracast or Google Cast.

Hello, I was able to try AirServer Connect.
Audio stutters but after a while it becomes stable. Video plays smoothly. But in this case there is a noticeable out of sync between video and audio :confused:
Google Cast -> smooth video but stuttering audio
miracast -> low res video but audio ok
airserver -> smooth video, smooth audio but out of sync