Projector Randomly stopped working

Dear Philips,

Not the happiest, today after a couple months of brilliant ownership, my projector (Philips picopix Max) has randomly stopped turning on or working. This I know because when I have tried to charge it with the factory charger no blue light comes on, when I put the UCB-C into the projector it goes green. However it just seems to just be getting no charge. I use it all the time so slightly frustrated about it all. There is no sign of any fan. No blue light.

Tried the charger with another USB-C device (Macbook Pro) and is working perfectly.

Hi @Jamiehoughton1, I see that you have opened a ticket with our support, so they will take care of your issue.

Hi @Jamiehoughton1 it sounds like you’re plugging the charger into the USB-C VIDEO port. Please try plugging it into the USB-C POWER port.

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That’s not my point, I do realise after months of ownership that the left USB-C port is for video. My point is for some reason, like I said when I put the USB-C into the charging port. No power, no blue or red light, to indicate any power. But when I put something in video port for some odd reason the green light still works and seems to be understanding that. There must be something wrong with the charging connection or the battery !

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