Rattling sound normal?

When I shake the PPM, it rattles on the inside. Does this happen for devices with broken focus only or is some sound to be expected for fully functional devices too?

Hi @kai this was the case only for broken focus, and with only around 30 pcs of the very first production batch. Can your PicoPix Max focus fine? Did you receive it recently?

I received it today. DHL tried to deliver it unsuccessfully on Saturday. Maybe the delivery guy treated it a bit rougher than he should have when he put it back after the end of his working day to get home sooner.

Sometimes the focus is OK. Sometimes it is bad and does not improve, no matter how often I try the auto-focus (by the button). I had a good result twice when I changed the projection angle from upwards to horizontal.

Good luck with that! Four months and five days ago, I made the same comment. It wasn’t until today that someone finally reached out to see why my replacement hadn’t arrived yet. It took them three months to pick it up for return. Hopefully, my experience has helped them improve the return and replace process.

Yes, I‘m worried about the transport situation. On top of it, it is about a failure that is not reliable to reproduce. (Well, the rattling is.) If the repair guy checks if the PPM focuses, he might not see the failure and send the same device back.

Apart from the focus issue and the noisy fan, it seems to be a pretty nice device that I would like to finally use now.

Wondering if I can repair it myself somehow.

Yes repairing it your self apparently is not hard to do , others have done it, I think it’s the best option compared to going through the whole return and replacement process, hopefully Phillips can guide you through the process and of course still honour the warranty, which I believe has been done before, I think it’s better for both.

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There are some Facebook posts, but we as Philips Projection cannot officially suggest you to repair it yourself due to warranty reasons. As far as I know there is no official decision whether self repair for this specific problem will not void your warranty.


Can I open the chassis without voiding my warranty? So that I can get a better idea what the problem is?

I can hear a clicking sound by just tilting the PPM gently upwards and downwards. Much less so when tilt it from side to side and no sound at all when I just turn it horizontally.

Yes you can, there is no sticker. It must be assembled back exactly as new though.


And therein lies the challenge. But perhaps by just opening the casing, you’ll be able to see what’s loose without needing to loosen any more internal components.

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How do I open the chassis?
I fear the facebook group does not accept members without a social media history.
Are there screws beneath the 4 spots in the corners of the bottom?

From what I’ve seen in these threads, it would void your warrantee. I think they are using a stronger glue to repair it. It is a gear that you might have to align at an exact angle.


There is a metal block in front of the focus wheel. Both of its screw are all the way in but the screw on the outer side still allows the block to move 0.5-1 mm back and forth. This causes clicking noises when I flip the ppm and rattles when I shake it. But can it influence the focus?

The last two days, the focus worked fine. I treated the ppm very carefully. That‘s going to change.

Anyway, nothing seems to have been broken during delivery.

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I’ve just received my PPM and I think I’ve got a defective one.

The autofocus sounds like a 90’s scanner :frowning:

Video Here

Asked in telegram channel and seems that it’s not normal.

Does it focus properly though?

The sound is normal, seems like it was recorded up close. It’s actually a geared wheel, and the stepper motor does make that sound indeed.

Yes, it focus perfectly. I only want to know if that sound is the normal autofocus behaviour or its something to be worried.

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Okay, it’s the normal sound indeed.