Real Power Off, No Standby

Hi from Munich, DE

I am looking for a possibility to totally turn the PPX off so that you can’t power it on with the remote. I’m in sorrow that the remote, while being in some case, accidentally turns the projector on while being in a case and gets overheated. So it would be nice if the PPX Max had two power on versions: Standby (like is now) and total power off.

On the PPX 4935 (that I own) you are able to choose between those two modes. To turn this projector from poweroff to on you have to press the power button on the device for about 4 secs.


This would be something that is really needed.

How long does the PPM „survive“ in the current Power-Off mode?

I mainly use the PPM when we are camping or outside in the garden. It will probably sit in the shelf over the winter time.

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With most batteries it’s recommended to let them run down and recharge at least once a month or two. At least, that’s what I try to do anyways.

Also: Sit on the shelf?!? :triumph: In winter time of all times? :rage:

Long nights mean more projection fun anywhere in the house man!

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Yes I’d like to see this as well, I have made mentions of this in other topics too,
In the hidden menu there is the option in power to choose dormant or power off, but changing it don’t do anything

I didn’t notice that it doesn’t completely turn off since I use mine almost everyday :sweat_smile:
But if this is true then we do need to complete shutdown option.

“Fun” Fact: I had a pico projector that turned on accidentally on my bag. It wasn’t usable after that because the lens seems to be burnt a bit enough to make the display dimmer and not focused. It was a laser projector.

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This is exactly my fear. But as I noticed, Bluetooth isn’t working when the PPXM is off. Only IR ist listening. So if you put your remote to a place where the PPXM couldn’t “see” it, it is impossible to turn the PPXM on with the remote. You then can only turn it on by pressing the power button the projector or by holding the remote near the projector so that it can see the remote via IR.

I wonder how this “always on” mode drains the battery over time.

Well…I do have a “big” projector mounted on the ceiling with a 3.5m screen in my living room. The PPM is just an addition for the time where you don’t want to sit inside :slight_smile:

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For me the Bluetooth not working to switch it on is a problem. If there are different modes to switch it off/standby, then please also add a mode where it is listening to bluetooth.

I cant‘t see a problem with that. For me it is a safety feature.

I could be wrong or misunderstanding… You don’t need BT to switch PPM On or Standby… This operstion is IR only and it’s the only one that need IR. In any case, in my opinion is very useful to completely switch off the projector… Just think to people that travel and work with it

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Actually there are two real omissions for a travel device. One is a physical lock to stop it powering on accidentally. The other is a lens cover


Maybe somebody can print it.

So , just to understand… Philips is thinking about adding the “Real power off” function in a future update ? I hope so … and if not : why ?

im on it =)

Something like this?

Any updates on this?

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Also hoping there would be a “real” power off that prevents the battery from draining when not in use.