Received my PPMOne today, kinda feel bad...

Just received my PPMOne and proceeded to some tests and more specifically for the input lag. And oh boi what is going on ?! I bought the PPMOne because I wanted the 38ms input lag the PPM had, but for the PPMOne, it’s around 70ms !!!
I feel so angry because Phillips doesn’t talk about it but still advertise this product for “Gaming”.
I know it cannot be fixed via Soft Update, but please say or do something about it!

I guess this is why I was fine with the limitation of external inputs on the PPM. It’s direct to the hardware instead of going through the software. It made the PPM limited in terms of features but it was quite good for gaming which I did a lot with mine. I don’t know technical stuffs if it is possible to get good input lag with the same setup like the PPM One. I heard other projectors like Mogo Pro also suffers from this.

That’s strange because I would have thought that it’s the os that would interfere with the hardware. This model doesn’t have any or maybe a propriatary one that’s hidden, but still i’ll love an answer from a tech guy here.

Weird, I didn´t notice any lag or annoying behaviour while playing (contrast is a bit underwhelming, though). How do I measure it?

Hello, can you show us how you measure it? Also, we will check on our side

I used this technique shown in this video: How To Measure Input Lag - YouTube

Btw, my monitor has an input lag of 1ms

@Philips_Support_P can you please help to check ?

Hi @ched the input lag of PicoPix Max One is ~60 ms. It is a bit higher than on PicoPix Max due to the inclusion of 4-corner correction for HDMI and USBC inputs. It’s the lowest lag possible on this model, while still offering all the keystone correction features. Most other projectors are in 100 ms range.
Nevertheless, we will check with our engineers if we can lower down this value to the min.

Hi @ched would you be willing to help us test a new firmware which may improve the input lag?

I would be very pleased to help you guys !

What’s PPM’s input lag?
Can you also improve PPM’s input lag? :stuck_out_tongue:
Not that it’s bad and I’m actually totally with it. Just asking :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hi @kugiigi the input lag on PicoPix Max PPX620 is between 30-40ms. (It was measured as 38ms by Grigory of passionhomecinema). It’s the lowest we could go.

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Thanks. Personally, I’m thankful that the PPM has the external input limitations because it made the input lag pretty decent and that’s more important for me since I’m mostly gaming :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Well unless you find a way to make other products the input lag then that would be a lot better :slight_smile: