Recommendations for 2 meter USB-C - USB-C cable?

Thinking to order a longer USB-C charging cable from Aliexpress:

Q: @Philips_Support_P Is there side-effects if I order 2 meter cable vs 1 meter cable?
Q: Is there specific requirements for the cable or will this for example do? (60W and 100W cable options)

Hi @Holzhausen please get the 100W cable, not the 60W cable. The 60W cables top out at 3 amp (20V x 3A) but PicoPix Max needs 15V x 4A. Only the 100W cable can carry 4 amp charging current.


Thank you for the swift reply. Ordered the 100W cable now.

Hi - After first trying my Mac charging cable (does not work) I ordered a 2m 100W cable but it does not work either. Made sure it was 100W and Data compliant, not cheap.

Any advice on the best cable to buy from UK Amazon that does work? Quickly finding out that in the land of USB C some cables are more equal than others.


I tested using my MacBook Air USB-C Charge Cable (2m) with the PPMax adapter and was able to charge the PPMax.

Hmm, Odd - tried all my Mac cables to charge (Macbook Pro 13 2019) and no luck.

It can only charge the PPMax with the Apple USB-C Charge Cable though. I tried to use it for extending the MacBook Air’s display to the PPMax but it doesn’t work. I had to use the PPMax’s original cable then it works to project the MacBook’s screen onto the PPMax.

Yeah - I can’t even charge. I guessed the thinner cable was charge only, but still no luck. The thicker cable I bought at 2m to do both, but that does not work either…

You need a USB-C cable which has video out capability as well
Like this one for example
Cable Matters 5 Gbps USB C to USB C Cable with 4K Video Resolution Support and 100W Power Delivery - 1.8m

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Ok - duh moment. Did some “scientific” cable tests.

The new cable is fine WITH the Pico charger (Power & data). Hurrah. The Mac cable is fine WITH the Pico charger (Power only). Neither cable works with the Mac charger.

Why this is? I assume a W or V difference - reading the bottom of both I could not see one, but it must be there.

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You’re spot on. The PPM needs 15V, Mac provides 20V. PPM can only handle 15V.


Kinda similar but I’m actually on the look out for a much shorter usb c to usb c cable to connect the ppm to a power bank so it stays close compact and not be a trip hazard,so far the best I found is this,
But there is a few negative reviews about it failing after a short time, just wanted to see if anyone have any alternatives to recommend

In UK we have this Amazon Basics one - I’d go for that

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4m USB-C Cable with Power Delivery (5A) - 4 m (13 ft.) - USB 2.0 | USB-C | Australia
2m USB-C Cable with Power Delivery (5A) - 2 m (6 ft.) - USB 2.0 | USB-C | Australia
1.8m (USB 3.1 so good for other things) USB-C Cable with Power Delivery (5A) - 6 ft. (1.8 m) - USB 3.0 | USB-C | Australia
100w range USB-C Cables | Australia

I have tested and confirmed these all work using a 12v 72w Satechi car charger and the wall charger the PPM came with.

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I am a bit puzzled as to why the Apple charger doesn’t output 15V? The USB-PD spec says if a charger outputs 20V, it must also output 15V and lower voltages.

Which version of the specification, though? This charger was originally designed for a laptop Apple released in October 2016. There are claims that it follows “PD 2.0”. As a hardware specialist you may appreciate the nice teardown here:

I think 15 volts was made mandatory in an 1.2 update to PD 2.0, released March 25th, 2016? It may have been too late for Apple to alter their charger design to match this requirement. Some electronic products experience delays between final hardware design decisions, and availability in stores (:wink:).

I went with this for a 3 meter Charge Cable, it won’t do video but it does charge and the powers the PPM while it’s on:

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I got this one via Amazon.Ca, worked perfectly for either power or video …

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Just a quick update, the long cable I ordered from AliExpress has been working perfectly (Gray 100W Cable + 2m) Baseus USB C to USB Type C Cable for Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro Quick Charge 4.0 PD 100W Fast Charging for MacBook Pro Charge Cable|Mobile Phone Cables| - AliExpress

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If you’re in the market for Amazon Germany ( , we got a reasonably priced Nimaso 2m spare cable for power (100W) + video and it works as expected:
NIMASO USB Type C to USB C Cable 3.1 Gen 2 2M, 100W USB: Computers & Accessories
Next to that we got a 3-pack (1m+2m+3m) JSAUX cables for power (60W) and they also work as expected. Also useful for our phones and Nintendo Switch :slight_smile:
They might not be the cheapest you can get, but until now we’re quite happy.