Red and Blue light Flickering when plugged in and wont charge properly

My Picopix Max 620 has Red and Blue flickering lights when it is plugged in. The battery remains around 80% and never reaching fully charged.

Is there a way to solve this issue?

I have sent this issue to the support email, but they said I have no warranty on this product so they cannot send me a new one. 'They also mentioned that they dont sell spare parts nor do repairs, so i should contact my local or online shops. Now i don’t want a new device, i just want to fix this issue just in case the battery is broken or maybe the charging adaptor (it is the original one) is old.

Has anyone experienced this? please let me know

This is the issue. Expected warranty to expire but at least Phillips should make a way for service and repair possible. I pray that my replaced ppm (replaced wiring warranty) doesn’t get any issues.

I just hope they can offer some advice here so this problem dont get any bigger. I heard that changing the charging adaptor helps.

I’ve been having same problem for long time. I didn’t even know it is a problem because it appeared all of sudden after I had upgraded new software version.
I also use original power adapter shipped to me.
As per the manual, it says the cause is the power adapter isn’t the one from Phillips…so, kind of frustrated because I never used any other adapter except the original one… No clue what is happening here.


I have a similar issue where I have to unplug and replug the adapter for it to charge.
Then when I use it, it runs out of charge faster than the adapter can charge it.
So I can only use it for max 2-3 hours before the charge goes to 0% and I have to leave it off to charge up again for a few hours. Seems like the battery life is depleted and due to the engineering it won’t turn on just from the mains power.
Frustrating and poor design to not be able to run straight from mains power.