Reds appearing more like magenta


Just purchased this projector and when wathching content on Netflix, the reds are appearing very pink. This happens both on my Roku Streaming stick and also a tethered iphone 11.
On the iPhone the badges on the home screen icons are also appearing as pink (rather than the red they should be). The projector mode is set to Standard. Cycling through the various other modes like Cinema etc. doesn’t make a huge difference.

Connecting the same devices to other TVs and monitors is working perfectly fine.

Edit: I also connected a Macbook Air via HDMI to the projector and same problem. I’m now convinced it’s not a source problem, but also can’t imagine how the out of box settings for the projector are so off.


This is not normal. You should return for refund or replacement.

Indeed. Is a problem with the powerleds.
I think that the green led is defective/ give the wrong colour ( yellow in place of green)
You should ask for a replacement

Thanks for the advice. And how could I contact customer support? Bearing in mind that I’ve had this same colour issue since I received the Pico pix Max amongst the first backers in 2020…

This is confirmed. Requested a replacement and the new one doesn’t have this issue. Clearly this is a manufacturing defect. @Pat, If you are in the UK you should still be covered by statutory law.

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