Remembering previous volume levels for external sources (HDMI & USB-C)

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I have noticed that the PPMax does not remember previous volume level settings when switching between sources (e.g. HDMI / USB-C), and will reset to (8/10) which is relatively loud. Any chance that this will be fixed?

And also the No Signal screen is abnormally bright when viewed at night. Perhaps an option to just show a small message on a dark screen?

I’m sorry if these requests seems ridiculous, the PPMax is pretty perfect now, though some tweaks to the UI and UX will make it even more awesome. Thanks again :slight_smile:

I agree that there should be a unified volume control across all sources. Whether it should retain previous setting or not on a restart I’m not sure about, maybe up until a certain “safe” level.

The No Signal screen likely is generated by the V56 chip and I’ve seen several designs in different cheap TVs using that chip so it’s definitely possible to customize. Not sure whether it’s (officially) possible to upgrade in the field or not, but I agree that No Signal should have a very dark background color.

As an aside: I have an especially serious dislike for solid blue backgrounds ever since I had the blue tube implode on a Barco CRT-based projector. Yes, Barco “forgot” to put temp sensors on the red and blue tubes making some form of ass-umption that the tubes somehow would be driven equally hard on average over half an hour or so. They eventually did cover that repair under warranty. These solid backgrounds are not dangerous to DLP-based projectors but they’re equally annoying still.

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I use the PPM via HDMI with an Apple TV.
This uses my Surround Sound System installed in my living room.
Thus I would really like to tell PPM to remember last volume level for the internal speaker.

Thanx in advance,