Remove the bloated battery

How and where to ask for a new battery?
My PPM is expanding (not too much for now) but I prefer to change it as soon as possible…

please send us an email at

OK, Sent

I received the answer…

"Unfortunately, we do not sell the battery. I must ask you to contact a local battery supplier, and tell them the specifications.

You can find the specifications on the last page of the manual, within the appendix:…"

What does it means??? Did you said tha Philips PROVVIDE FREE batteries for replacement???

sorry about this, the agent didn’t know about it and we just briefed him.
They will answer you.

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My gosh… ! Free battery but shipping will be 68.94 Eur! The Philips guys like to play!!!
At that price I’ll buy a new battery without shipping cost…
No thanks and No thanks to other Philips products…

Hello, yes indeed we need to ask for the shipping via UPS. As this is as lithium battery, not many courrier can accept it.

Whst exactly are the battery specification then ?

Can you guys release one video for MaxTV on how to change the battery as well?
I am likely facing a battery issue (unable to load pass the white opening screen 90% of the time, blinking red/ blue light once plugged in and switches off once it’s unplugged)

May I also have the exact specifications of the battery apart from just 21000mah lithium battery?
I am worried that it will not be the exact fit if I purchase one online and it will be a fuss to return.
It will be nice as well if I can have a link to where I can order a replacement battery myself.

The device is fantastic and I love it, but the battery is not acceptable if it’s dead within 1.5 years (the projector cost more than 800 EUR) and the local Philips support has informed me it will be quite expensive to repair this issue.


I am facing a similar issue and I even cannot get pass the opening white screen, so annoying…as my projector (Picopix PP720) is just 1.5 years old.

Same issue with mine. I did find the video that allowed me to remove the battery, but can not seem to find a replacement anywhere. I even went to batteries plus and tother specialty houses with no luck…Philips Please help us find the batteries if you can. @Philips_Support_N