Req: Which Ceiling Mount fittes for the NeoPix Ultra 2?

On Page 8 of the User Manual is written that Projector Mount is sold separate!

A projector mount is required to mount the projector on ceiling

Nowhere is something written this Mount?
Most other Projectors have one of the following Screw to fix a mount!

  • 1/4″ 20 Gang UNC (6,35mm Aussendurchmesser 5,35mm Kernlochdurchmesser)
  • 3/8″ 16 Gang UNC (9,52mm Aussendurchmesser 8,25mm Kernlochdurchmesser)

The NeoPix has probable a special or metric screw for Mounting! Which Mount is working to fit this Part on the Ceilar

Who is able to help. I now waiting for 3 weeks with a request for this at" and still hasn’t receive an answer! I getting mad about this “after sales support”

Maybe I can get an answer faster in this community Forum?