Request for more precise volume control (or night time audio mode for users with sleeping kids)


I am using my ppm with jbl flip 5 speaker. When it is night time, I’d like to watch content without waking the kids up. But the lowest volume setting is too quitet while next up (second lowest) is really way louder. Is there any way of adjusting the values of sound control, or maybe curve it uses to set volume?

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Yeah… I would like volumes settings to be more precise… I have the same issue with my Earfun Ubooms… except the volume takes a big boost between levels 3 and 4.


Moved to #picopix-max:feature-suggestions. Voting enabled for this feature.

Can you try to drag the volume slider that appears on the right side of the screen, using the AirMote?

I will try but if I press volume up, it slides for a small amount and makes sound louder than expected. I am talking about absolute lowest low of the volume slider scale. Like from mute - 1-2 button presses.

Simple. As you said it’s night time. So, disconnect the Bluetooth speaker and use ppm internal speaker. Alternatively, use wireless Bluetooth earphones. There are tons of good ones in the market… Like Pamu.

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This is not a solution for me. First, PPM internal speaker is not that great and PPM is noisy by itself (fan noise). And PPM is in quite a distance from my ears. Secondly, I don’t want to use headphones while laying in bed for various reasons: first, I have a wife and would like to comment with her on the movie and second, my ears tend to sweat. All I need is just more precise (more steps) volume control. It’s not that big of a change so hopefully I/we can look forward to having it implemented sometime in the future.


I tried it and there is still a boost volume in that area of the slider.

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I agree. We could use just first bottom four steps (there are plenty of them) to be quieter. I see it could only be done by either a custom rom (dobt think its worth it) or software changes:

Unfortunately no app can do that.

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I see 10 votes already! Hopefully we will see something implemented by philips devs :slight_smile:


I have a similar request here with 13 votes, let’s merge the votes!

I think the problem @cfk described is more related to audio dynamics than absolute volume.

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I would really like to have an option to compress the audio, at night I spend a lot of time changing the volume not to wake up the children and to be able to hear quiet parts.
Also, somehow whenever I attach my Bluetooth speaker it always starts at the highest volume scaring the hell out of everyone :smile:the

There is a night mode option in nova player, although I haven’t tried it out

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You got my vote! :+1:t4:



Night time mode seems perfect for audio, as I also constantly wiggle with “too loud” step 3 of the volume and “we can’t hear the dialogue when we breathe” step two of the volume. There is so many volume levels that lowest five could use some kind of quieter curve. But night time mode seems even better, I just don’t know how it would be implemented not to confuse users.


Plus one for an audio compression feature- or something that lets you set minimum and maximum dB.

I also had the same problem with my bluetooth speaker at night times and digged a bit deeper today.

There could be an option when building the firmware to increase the volume steps, see:
So hopefully the dev guys might find a solution for the project firmware as well @Philips_Support_P

In the meantime, I’ve found a solution / workaround that works for now:

Open AptoideTV app store and search for the app “Flat Equalizer”.

There are other apps that claims to make the volume steps adjustable, but none of them worked or did not even started. But with a global equalizer, we can use another trick, so install that Flat Equalizer.

Pull all equalizer band sliders down (or near to the bottom), so you’re reducing the max global volume of the system, which in turn results in a better volume adjustment curve for quiet environments / night mode. This app can save your custom profile, works free and seems to work just fine with all streaming apps as well (I’ve tested netflix, amazon prime and youtube).

One drawback though, the app’s main screen always changes the display rotation:

But luckily, once you got through this, you don’t need to touch the sliders it again. You need to open the app once again after a rebbot to enable the equalizer, but I guess that’s fine.
If it doesn’t work with your app out of the box, goto settings and check “Always attach to Global Mix

so far a working solution for me. I just thought sharing that find with you might help.
kind regards


Thank you excellent find :+1:t2: