Result after a couple of month: brightness biggest issue

Hi everyone,
after using the Screen U4 for month, now, I have to say the brightness is a totally disappointing to me. Compared to the Pico PicMax it is much worse. Even though the room is dark, it is still very very pale.
Almost like a white blury layer. I know it is not a TV with the crispy resolution. But as mentioned even the Pico Pic Max was much better and you could watch at daytime.
Does any one agree or do you use a different setting. If so I would love to know.

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I completely agree and have written the support desk about this.

Hi Robert, I feel what you write. I had a PPM as well and performed pretty well. There is lot to write on settings and how to get best results. There are some basics that might help. Try a set-up with no use of zoom or other adjustments for a start. Zoom impacts pixels impacts brightness according to …(do not remember source). What helps is after upgrade to latest firmware to do a factory reset. Do that after you already made a good basic set-up. What source are you using? ATV? Firestick? 4K of 1080p?
I have both ATV and Firestick running with good results after endless trying…. (Because I want to see if I can get things better…).
Basically I use 1080p SDR (HDR = (way) darker.
I do not use UHD switch and leave HDR-slider on 120.
Settings HCVICS = 50-47-48-17-10
Brightness preset mode “normal”
ATV 4K = 1080p SDR, RGB-high (low will do as well and if that’s not satisfactory go for YCbCr 4.2.0 / 4.2.2 whatever pops-up.
Check on internet for contrast pictures. A good contrast vs brightness is key for good results !!
Color: use a color pattern to see how saturation behaves and the color tint. Those two “interferes” one another: move saturation up that just 1% up or doen tint and huge impact… So optimize where you can or leave tint zero and play with saturation setting only. “Calibration” adjustments best when projector is at least 15-30 min on. Let me know how that works for you. Avoid pre-set “game-mode” and “UHD-mode” … enlarges screen… unless you make the setup with these options on “ON”. Further of great importance in my opinion is setting “FOCUS” as optimal as possible… Oeps apologize this message was typed just after your post but not send. Let me add another very good setup as bonus….It also helps (in case Apple TV 4K with many changes back and forth to refresh video settings; Apple will that come with new config. In my case 1080p HDR, Chroma not sure 4:4:4 or RGB high/Low…). OK latest and very good for viewing HBO GoT (demanding series on right settings with darker scenes and sun lights coming thru windows etc…).
ATV4K: 4K SDR; YCbCr 4:2:0 Dynamic Reach off, Image Speed on
U4: menu 1. Normal UHD Video off 2. Picture “User” HDR400 (default; not impacting SDR; if HDR is chosen value 400 at least or more to get more brightness) Color temp user 50-50-50).
User settings for Picture: 51-48-55-44-10. Saturation impacts vividness and a bit brightness too. Too low is washed outdoors…Good luck…

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I must disagree. I am using the PPM for 2 years now and recently switched to the U4 + Apple TV HD. the picture I have is much brighter now, I can better watch things on daylight and even have a bigger final picture with my Setup now. I am using normal mode, and compared with PPM being also on normal with power plugged in. My screen size width is around 140cm now.
I had to tune / calibrate the auto focus a bit but the rest is on factory settings. I noticed a difference though, as the image is projected in a much different angle now, compared to the upfront projection of the PPM, it really makes a difference of the wall or surface your projecting one. I guess I could improve my image even more if I get the right projector screen.

thank you so much! You are amazing. You helped a lot with your solution for the ATV settings.

Keep in mind you are using a low tech low power LED projector that barely reaches 400 ANSI lumens. The projector I just replaced it with is LASER, is 4 times the size, triple the weight, and produces 3200 ANSI lumens. On a proper ALR screen it is heavenly. Unfortunately what we bought was a little toy.