Return of my broken unit, Support ticket stuck on a wrong status, when I'll be able to enjoy a working Picopix Max ?


Hello, I created a ticket for sending back my bocken unit and receiving a working one two month ago.

I waited until August to get a label for shipment then When I went in holydays (I could not wait anymore). I’ve been contacted the 6th of August with a 1 week only as possibility to send back the Picopis Max ( I’m extremely unlucky on this product and services)

Since my return my ticket has been placed as “waiting for my anwer” it was 15days ago.

So I guess nobody will ever see my anwer as the status of this ticket is wrong …

I’m so sad about this projector and the lack of luck to get a broken unit and being stuck on the support.

Please help me …


I don’t personally like this part of our support system, as it’s confusing. The tickets have a few possible states, but there isn’t one where the support person can put it in that says “These I need to circle back to, but I’m not actually working on”.
What I’ve noticed is that many of the other colleagues use the Pending state for this, but on the user’s side it shows up as Waiting for reply from the user. Then when the user responds, like you did in your ticket, it doesn’t automatically jump to the Open state again.

In any case, I’ve changed the state of your ticket and assigned it to another colleague, hoping they will now be able to help you further. I don’t do RMA tickets as I don’t know how that’s handled internally, else I would try to help you myself.

Sorry for the delay in getting your issue resolved.

Hi sent everything back a month ago and I’ve no further informations about the next steps :
When will I receive my functionnal PicoPix Max unit ?

My ticket was created 4 month ago …
I’ve sent back the unit as you can see in the ticket thread, the Projector was delivered the 18th october.

In the meanwhile I’ve seen that the promotional campain of the PicoPix Max has been pushed in France at the begining of this month… Without any informations back on when I will be able to get my functionnal unit, I will be please to share my experience and I hope this one will improve in the rigth way really soon.

ticket number #25045

@PhilipsKristina can you please check?

Hello @Poureddream

We have just updated your request with the news. Apologies for the delay from our side. The replacement will be shipped to you next week from our offices in Switzerland.

Best regards,
Philips Projection