Returns : how much does it cost?


I chose to wait for my PPM to arrive, but I read a lot of posts about technical malfunctions.
Can someone tell me how much it will cost me if my PPM has problems and I return it ?
I know there is a two year warranty but it seems like some costs are not covered by the return policy.
I live in France.



Hey, based on the PicoPix Max FAQ , shipping and handling costs are not covered. Of course if you receive a broken unit you should write to and explain. I guess there might be cases where they can decide to cover that but I doubt it. :slight_smile:

Hi @StarvingForRealInfo, if you receive a defective product, all costs of replacing it are borne by Philips.
If you don’t like the product and want to return it within the 30 day window, still all costs are refunded (product + VAT + shipping), but you’ll need to pay the return shipping back to us. The cost for this is not exactly known as we’re waiting for our warehouse to come online (Coronavirus impact). But they’re likely to return within a few days.


Thank you. I guess I’ll ask then if need be.

You know what’s funny? You don’t often read as much about those who are happy with their product.
I for one am happy with mine, haven’t had any issues so far (*knocks wood), and am hitting myself over the head for not backing 2 or more back in August. My sister is a teacher in a 3rd world country and has for years been asking me for a portable, lightweight, great quality, and affordable projector. I hadn’t found any until now but I decided to test one first before buying a second, and now I’m left with a sore head from all the banging. I may try to pick one up still even though it’s now 30% more expensive than when I pledged in August.

Moral of my story: just wait till you get yours. The fact that they haven’t even made the next batches yet means that many issues might be resolved even before yours is made, which is a positive upside to the long wait.

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So just to be clear. The delay due to the circumstance with the coronavirus will not affect the return window?

I’ve been waiting since January to get my unit returned.

I have as well!

If you already contacted us within the 30-day window and already filled the return form, then you’re not affected by the delay on our side in picking up the product from you.

(from EU)
and the return is made to china or to the german warehouse from where it come?

I’ve just received mine today and I can’t express how much i’m disapointed with it…

need to know the price of the return.

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I have the same problem. I want to return the product, but Philips answered (by email) me that they don’t accept cancellation and refund anymore…

I answered them now and I hope that there is a solution for this.

Update: I received another email

unfortunately the Refund is not possible anymore since March 11th.

but weren’t we supposed to be able to return within 30 days?

taking the consideration the this, although has some good points, in global is a quite poor product?

I disagree. It’s not poor at all, and certainly not quite poor.

Yes it’s late, you may want your money back to buy something else, and may have the legal right to change your mind. But don’t go calling the product poor because you haven’t actually used it and seen what it can do for you.

Please note that i use a very polite word… contrary to my feelings about it!

I use projectors/datashows since 1998, and since then i had/own a few. so i’m not one of those newbies that are amazed to see a big picture on the wall!
I also had several (successful) experiences with crowdfunding, so i know all the story about “this is not finished product” and delays.

This one promised so many things from the beginning that i (unfortunately) bought two. One (a present) was DoA that took 2 months to collect (already requested a refund for that one).
Another for me, a “EU forgoten <#4000”, (only) received very recently.

from my (short) experience with it, I must say probably is not “quite”… is “Very”!

And i’m comparing it with something similar, to my old small portable optoma ML550… Not with my big epson.

  • using hdmi the sound doesn’t go to the bluetooh. who designed this???
  • Hdmi doesn’t do 4 corner correction. who designed this???

I knew it before, as i’ve followed every site, fb, review and forum.
But i always thought: i can survive with Cast and with the android…

well… “this” android is a very bad experience. Netflix app poor. Also had a problem with Bluetooth that had to disconnect it (will try it again).
then i tried the cast… OMG!!! what a disaster! Useless for video!!! how can they call it Google Cast?
Miracast?? a disaster!
I don’t use apple products so don’t know how it behaves with airplay.

Then the noise is incredible! Is unacceptable! Is a turbine! I should have suspected when “they” avoided to give values regarding the dbs.

So IvoG, I’m being very polite calling it quite poor!
my recommendation to everyone: get away from it! request the refund if you can.

Regret is the word that will come to your head very soon!


Thank you for your elaborate explanation, mostly I’m told to … off.

I am, contrary to you, a projector newbie. I don’t have any android mobile devices (only the PPM and Sony TV) but do have many iOS devices.

My experience with the built in apps is so good that I don’t need to use HDMI inputs that often if at all. In fact both Netflix and Amazon Prime for instance give me the same quality and resolution as feeding them from my phone via the HDMI input. Therefore I don’t run into any of these issues you describe.

The Optoma you referred to doesn’t run on battery power, is not FHD, doesn’t have built-in apps or the ability to add any. These are the elements I looked for in the PPM, and it delivers on these. I guess it’s a matter of expectations set & met, and perspective. The PPM meets all my expectations and from that perspective it’s a great projector.

So I doubt I’ll ever regret buying two like you did.

We were, but now they say we can’t…

I am also very disappointed about the product and therefore want to return it.

Did you already send an email to Philips?

yesterday i tried the airplay.
It worked well with youtube, contrary to the Android…
Funny that cast Android to Android, on a google app, works worse then ios to Android.
Unfortunately their netflix app no longer supports airplay, and the Netfilx Cast doesn’t recognizes/sees the Pico ( it works great with my Real Chromecast). So the PPM is a false Cast.

Regarding the Optoma, i did call it Old didn’t I?
I know it has no battery, although i have an external powerbank (19v output) that I use with it.
I know it has no built in apps, but with my chromecast it works wonderfully, contrary to the picoMin…
But that was one of the main reasons why I wanted the pico… integrated independence and portability.

a point in favor is that i’m impressed with the 4 corner correction (4CC). Although I was expecting it to be automatic like the auto focus, but was probably asking to much. The config is painfull and… useless for Hdmi input.

If “they” had simply implemented the 4CC and the Bluetooth via the inputs, we could ignore that the built in Android is a "#$$%#$#. was just a question of connecting the chromecast and would be acceptable.

@Koen1991 No. only for the one i’ve returned DoA. And that was accepted.


back to us where? I’m in germany.