Root Access, now or never?

Is it possible to root the ppm or will it ever be available for advanced users like myself, I’ve been using rooted features on my phone for many years and I would quite enjoy to use it on my PPM as well, what are your thoughts on this?

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Hi @maxbarno, we don’t plan to open root access.

One way is if you modify the update package somehow, but we’re sorry we can’t give you instructions on how to do it. We have restrictions due to DRM reasons.

On the other hand, there are some people on this forum who have the required know-how. So far we’ve not been asked to censor community discussion related to this.


Do you have usernames to such individuals to share to me, perhaps in a pm?


Perhaps if you ask them to pm you instead, they will reveal themselves to you. :bulb:

Or try the search …

i’m also interested in this but i can’t find any specific steps to achieve it

Psst @rursache.


@Shahraiz, seems like there is a reason to post this so I’d like to ask you (please forgive me for probably not so smart question) - After doing this will I have a custom rom installed with GMS or will I have rooted Android … or both? Because what I see there is this:

Getting root access

Install via TWRP will give you root access through ADB (both cable and/or network). Afterwards you can use ADB to make direct modifications to the system partition.

So doesn’t this mean that the root access is only while in ADB? Which means no rooted Android while using PPM for watching stuff? The reason why I need root access is to be able to use an app called AirMusic - it needs rooted Android in order to “catch” Android audio stream and then cast it in my case to my Sonos speakers since even though it was promised as far as I can see PPM won’t get Sonos support at all.

Interesting use case, since I haven’t followed the tutorial here I can’t help you out with that question though it is my understanding that if the app just needs root permission to install you should be good to go by installing it via adb and assigning any permissions. However if it needs root access to run and do what it’s supposed to, I’m not sure how that would work out. Perhaps, @pvliesdonk can shed some more light as he’s the one that did all the work on that method you see up here.

‘root access’ is a term used for multiple things.

First of all there is the file permissions: changing of a system-level configuration file, or adding/changing some system-level application. That can be done from a custom recovery, but that gives no privileged access during normal operation. If something describes ‘flashing a zip through custom recovery’, they mean this.

Then there is rooted ADB, which gives you shell access to a running system with privileged access. It also allows to the the above, and poke around in what the system is doing during runtime. But this privileged access is restricted to the shell and not available to any user level applications.

For user-installed applications it is normally impossible to request privileged access to the system. As a workaround there are frameworks like SuperSU. It installs as a system-level application (as above), and gives an API to user-installed applications for privileged access. If an app in the Aptoid/Google store says ‘root needed’, they mean this. Unfortunately, apps (like Netflix) can easily detect the SuperSU framework and simply refuse to work.


Could the plans be revisted? Would be grand if the source could be made available in Certainly the community would be able to delivery quite a few improvements, and fix some of the legacy compatibility issues, as well as adding unoffocial GSM support and get GApps working.