Saving room settings for quick setup

It would be great if there are room settings that save all the settings - keystone, zoom, bluetooth, wifi, brightness, (wall) color correction (for when it is projected on a colored wall and we need to tune the colors a bit) and so on. And that way when moving PPM to a place that has already been set with 1 click we can have it all done as we need it instead of doing it all over again.

It’s a great idea to have the ability to set up different “rooms” (including the “outdoor room” :wink:) with all these settings included !
It would be great too to be able to “copy/paste” a room in order to keep most of its settings and modify some.


AFAIR they already confirmed that Feature Request on the early days of the campaign :ok_hand:


Would it be possible to create several saveable profiles with different settings? (4 corners, zoom etc …)
Indeed the ppm is intended to be moved around the house and I would like not to have to reconfigure each time the settings. Example a living room profile, a bedroom profile etc …

please vote for this feature Saving room settings for quick setup. Thanks.

This would be a tremendous addition!