Screen Mirroring over wifi or cable

Hello, we are struggling to setup our new NeoPix 720 projector. We are trying to screen mirror from either an iOS device or a Mac, wirelessly or through a cable.

The projector is connected to the same wifi network as both devices (and was able to download an Android software update as evidence that the wifi is working).

However, the projector is not listed under screen mirroring over wifi on either the iOS or Mac devices. The projector does appear to connect on Mac via Bluetooth, where it is listed under Devices as “NeoViu D1”.

We have tried wired too: USB-C to USB-C cable from the Mac to the projector, but that does not work either.

Finally, we could tried normal (flat) USB to normal USB, from a Windows PC, but that did not work, and there is no option on the list for normal USB (see screenshot) anyway - only USB C.

Very frustrating, and all help appreciated.

Note - We don’t own a TV, so that is not part of our setup.

Hello @JonH I see you have a NeoPix 720.

For wired “mirroring” i.e. normal video output from your Mac or PC, uou can use USB-C. However, there are some things to note:

  • You must use a USB-C cable that supports video transfer. The vast majority of USB-C cables are either charge-only, or charge+data, but not charge+data+video!
  • Your Windows PC must support video output over USB-C. Many PCs may only support charge+data. Mac computers sold today do support video output over USB-C as long as you use the right cable.

Now for wireless. You can mirror your screen wirelessly through two methods:

  1. If the app you want to mirror/stream from supports Chromecast, simply select the cast icon in the app and choose NeoViu D1. Chromecast is built-into the projector. To cast your whole screen, you can install Google Chrome, which will let you cast either the browser window only, or your whole screen.
  2. To screen mirror over AirPlay, you will need to install a third party app. We recommend AirReceiver. There is also a Lite version you can try first.

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any difficulty.