Screen Size easily does more than 120

Can someone tell me what screen size this is?

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Assuming an image height of approx 5 feet, that is nearly 120" diagonal.

I think technically all projectors can do unlimited size but of course companies needs to find a limit until what size the quality is still acceptable. Focus can also be an issue so yeah, as long as you’re fine with the quality you get. You can go past 120" :wink:
My old projector only has 200 ANSI lumens but it was marketed to support up to 150" but I think that’s only because it is laser which focus isn’t an issue.

Measured it and it’s doing 200” 176x96x

I watched the last football European Championship with 50 friends on a 320 inches projected outside on a building. It was amaaaazing. And this was my old BenQ with 800x600 resolution.

I’m sure PPM will do better!

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Projectors can go biiiig it really just becomes a concern of still being bright enough. There’s not a real way for software to limit the screen size like that. 120" is a recommendation

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