Screeneo s4 community creation

Hello from France ! Are you going to extend the community to the Screeneo S4? Just bought it and I have plenty questions ! See you and stay safe !

I believe they do plan to use this forums for their other products but at the moment it is only configured for PicoPix Max.

You make me curious…what the the S4? Something better an smaller? Did we all got a self warmer? :slight_smile:

:grinning:Just the screeneo S4… it s bigger :wink:

Hi @Stephane113 congratulations on your new Screeneo S4!

Yes we do plan to extend the community to all our products. But right now we are quite short on the necessary manpower, therefore we are waiting until all PicoPix Max have been delivered and the support requests for it have reduced.

Of course, you can always reach our global support, also available in French, via phone or email. They will help you with any questions.

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Hello good News! But i really need support for Screeneo S4 ( I have already tested France Philiphs phone support but it was useless, the mail and chat is not working…). I think I have a firmware issue ( Slow-motion option is not available , netflix definition is not good…) and unfornately the automatic update is not working anymore ( bye Wifi or cable connexion ). Does someone can confirm which release is the last update for the system ( mine is V 1.0.31) ? is it possible to have a link to find the update ??? ( on Philips download website it is for for old Screeneo…) HELP ! Thanks for the support !

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Hi from France as well. I just baught a Screeneo U3 a few days ago and I have an issue with the Airmote pairing (press and hold + and - during 5sec doesn’t work… Ir worked the first time but I needed to reboot the Screeneo and it doesn’t work anymore). I didn’t find any forum except this one to help me… As @Stephane113, the tchat on the support Philips page is not working, neither the phone number (no answer at the line +33644603083). I sent a mail but will I have a response ?
Is there any way to reboot the remote ? I found a guide for the Picopix but not for mine. Any idea ? Nothing in the user guide unfortunately…
Thanks for your help

philips doesn’t help You? They doesn’t help me too :frowning:

Hello can you try to reset completely your Screeneo U3 and then test again? Also please replace the remote battery to be sure