Screeneo S4 problems


I need help on my screeneo s4: Unable to cast to screeneo on any divices, youtube app don’t update and firmware update too.

System version 1.0.31
Iu version

Hello, we are working on a new Software update, we will keep everyone posted as soon as it is finished


Almost a year has passed that i purchased the product. Since day one, a lot of problems. No anwsers. In Portugal Philips send to a external company to manage the case, Inovflow contact number: 351213616310. when contact they says that are not working with philips projectors.

So i called again to philips support 800 780 903. The same answer call to inovflow.

This is philips that sells problems, no support, no answers…

Lets pray to have Maybee in my lifetime or product lifetime we will have the lot of bugs update.

Good quality, but lacks color accuracy and options for tuning, could be brighter. Issue with app.
By BC on December 21, 2019 Overall is good. However, the color accuracy and brightness is not as good as Benq HT3550.
It lacks Dynamic Iris, the black is not dark it’s pretty obvious, lacks options for more in-depth video modes, gamma tuning, lacks optical zoom.
The YouTube app is not usable, cannot even open, uninstall, or upgrade.
When custom keystone is used, everything is slow, video quality is poor, slow frame rate, worse than no PureMotion, lower resolution. Cannot really put it on the corner with 45 degree or any degrees, any keystone adjustment causes poor video quality (slow frame rate) as mentioned above.
The system and apps seems slow. I had to use external video input device like FireTV 4k stick for better performance.
It has HDMI ARC, but it doesn’t seem to be eARC for higher quality audio.
It has 2000lm LED, which is bright, but it doesn’t look right. I wished it had used the Philips HLD LED that could go up to 6000 lm.
The color is ok, but not great like HT3550. 4k resolution is crisp similar to HT3550. The description for S6 indicate that it could project up to 180", but it is not bright enough even at 145-150" or so. The box says 120". I guess if you want best color brightness, it’ll need to be 120" or smaller to have the best quality.
I have to exit out of video onto another screen for image adjustment. It only has option for R G B brightness adjustment. The video mode is set using the Source Button, there’s no controls like Gamma, etc… The Cinema mode is not dark enough and causes a greenish tint.
PureMotion/MEMC was nice. see less
Mediocre … way too expensive for this quality
By Vikas on February 24, 2020 …It is very mediocre…this device boast lots of features, like 4k, build it speaker, boom box, 2000 lumen, Android etc,etc…many so called apps don’,t work(prime) , sound is not up to the mark , yet to find how boom box works in these device…… see more
Im Rating This 3 Stars But its really a 5 (On sale for 1400)
By Dawson on February 12, 2020 …Third: Remote is easy and straightforward, android system is mildly adjustable from apps to settings, if you are not trying to root the thing,or install some other software on it.,Updating and connecting to wifi can be a little finicky but Its a projector with WIFI, Android and Bluetooth.… see more
Good specs…Sub-par performance.
By jimar on February 8, 2020 My goal: decent home cinema

  1. 7.1 speakers (checked)
  2. AVR to drive the audio to the speakers and video to the screen (checked)
  3. 80in-135in screen
  4. 4K/HDR-capable projector (priced at < $1500)
  5. Projector that I can move around in different rooms
  6. Decent speakers from it.
    And so I purchased this…
    Delivery execution:
  7. Instructed the item to be delivered in an Amazon box. Nope. Got delivered with the item’s original packaging.
  8. Expected to have it by Saturday but UPS got it delayed and was received Tuesday the following week.
  9. Item package was just horrible. The packaging sides were wet due to rain (see pics). The items (unit, remote etc. etc) inside are still okay, though, and there is no sign of damage.
    And so I started testing it…This is where everything becomes interesting, out of the box.
  10. The projected image is just off even if the unit is placed on an even surface. Perhaps, I need to keystone it or manually adjust it. But why? Sure, I can do that…
  11. Aptoide TV (Android) is just bad. Netflix, Youtube, Prime Video, etc. etc, are just not working. This is a projector and people, at minimum, would use this to watch movies. If you are not happy with it, just use FireStick TV. Sure, I can do that…
  12. The autofocus is a hit or miss. It is interesting, though. You can manually adjust it. Sure, I can do that…
  13. The sales literature published on their website says the “Keystone” is automatic but the tech specs “electric”. Just manually adjust it. Sure, I can do that.
  14. Broadcast sports are just dark and rough.
  15. Broadcast shows/news are just dark.
  16. Movies (4K/1080p/HDR) are hard to watch. Dark scenes ARE JUST DARK (no details just dark). Image settings did not help. I tried updating/resetting/using settings used by one reviewer on the internet and the results are still the same. Do note that I was projecting against a wall (off white). That must be it. So, I decided to get a decent projector screen from Silver Tickets (STR-169135-S 135in). The results are still the same…Sad…Returned. see less

At least Since december 2019, everyone is waiting for a software update!

This is Philips!

software update is going to happen?

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