Screeneo S4 SCN450 - Where find firmware ??

Hi @Philips_Support_T @Philips_Support_N @Philips_Support_P,

I’m looking for a link to update my firmware on my screeneo S4. (my version 1.0.31); when i try with online update i have an issue “verify network” but all is ok (i can go on netflix/aptoid and download apps).

So i’m looking for a way to manual update but this firmware seems rarer than the grail itself.

Thank you for your help; if it’s a duplicate post please give me the link to the post to download the lastest firmware.

Thank you

Hello @wuna you can find the latest firmware for Screeneo S4 here: SCN450 Firmware

Hello, do you have the previous version because since I put this version, I have jerks in HDMI every 10 seconds… Thanks in advance