Screeneo U4 - Cannot add Bluetooth output device

Hello Community! I’m trying to connect a Jabra headset to the U4. I’ve watched this video explaining how to pair: Philips Screeneo U4 - Pairing BT speakers/earphones - YouTube

They say pressing one of the bluetooth buttons at the back during 1 second, while the projector is turned on, will make the U4 go into bluetooth output device search more. The message in the picture below should get displayed.


I’ve tried a few times, in different ways, impossible to get to this message. I guess the bluetooth buttons do work, as the process to pair with an input device, when the U4 is switch off, does work.

Any idea or additional guidance?

By luck, I could get to the Searching mode: by pressing the 2 Bluetooth buttons in short succession (not at the same time). I assume this is not done by design?

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Thanks for this tip, it worked for me too!