Screeneo U4 doesn't start

I started using the projector 2 months ago and after let’s say 10-15 movies, the projector crashed and I am not able to start it anymore. When I start, i will hear the ventilator trying to start and then after a couple of seconds, it will go off again. I don’t know what to do.

Thank you

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I have a similar problem, except I’ve only used it twice (the second time being yesterday).

Mine doesn’t even activate the fan. The power button goes white when I switch it on, then turns red again after 2 seconds. No other response.

Please help.

why is nobody answering our messages, we need to kow what do do from here

Dear Samirov, the community is not monitored by our After Sales team. For any issues, please contact if you have purchased the U4 during our Indiegogo campaign.
Thank you