Screeneo U4 - fan noise

Hi all,

I received my Screeneo U4 yesterday and am really happy with the picture quality!
However, the sound of the fans is really noisy. Does anyone know whether this is adjustable?

Thanks in advance.

I think it changes with different projection modes (eg, Presentation mode is the loudest) but I’ve not played around with it too much. It is quite loud if you’re watching something quiet, but for most things I quickly forget about the noise until the show is over.

Even with the latest v1.6.6 firmware, the fan is still noisy in night mode.

Hello, we are still working on it, as you can see in the Log, we didn’t talk about the fan noise yet.

I just installed firmware 1.7. My unit still makes a lot of noise.
Is there an other solution for this.

Same problem here. The fan is quite noisy in particular in presentation mode.
Any firmware update or hack?