Screeneo U5 3D issues

I’ve got a couple issues with the U5 3D capability some people here may be able to advise on. I have emailed support as well and saw this in the reply so trying here as well.

  • There is a blue cast over the image in 3D mode. This could be the sync pulse but I don’t recall it being like that originally. It looks better through the glasses (Boblov) but there is still a light blue cast in the dark areas

  • There is often tearing in the videos usually noticeable in panning. This appears as a horizontal line that is usually at the top of the screen and breaks the 3D. This is playing via PC but I believe I had the issue playing on the machine directly as well though I might need to confirm that. I’ve tried various settings on the projector in the hope it can remove that but so far it persists

Hello, can you send us a video so we can check ? If you post it on Youtube, please set it has HIDDEN, no public

I have created a video of the blue-cast over the screen in 3D mode. It is actually far worse than I realised when I got a new screen and viewed it up close. It has dithered the entire image (including the UI) with a highly reduced colour pallette which I believe is the cause of the blue cast in all the dark areas.

I am also having an issue when 3d is enabled a blue hue is cast over the entire screen, the glasses seem to make the blue go away, however is this normal for the 3d setting?

Are you seeing the dithering like I am seeing in the dark colours? Where everything becomes pixel dots?