Screeneo U5 - curved / warped image

Since I received my Screeneo U5, I have been having problems with warped / curved images. I tried everything with the configuration but it is impossible to have a straight frame. I tried projecting on other walls and the image was still curved. I tried another projector on my projection wall and then the image is straight - so the problem is not the wall. I tried a laser level - the laser lines are straight and the projection is curved.

How to solve it?

Hello, the first thing to check is if your wall is straight UST technology is very sensitive to any wall difference and even if you warp the image you will still have some waves on your image.
You won’t see that with a normal throw projector as the light is coming from the front.

I had the same issue with my first UST projector. No wall is ever 100% flat. Got an ALR screen and it’s worth it. Can have the lights on and maintain a great picture even during the day with ambient light.

Got mine today and I’m impressed with the image quality during the day.

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This is what I learned for what it’s worth. . .

Note that H and V values are positive numbers only, so for H set your vertical laser line at bottom left corner (i.e. narrowest width) and work up with H values increasing in middle to max on top ( whatever is required to move the image edge right to match the laser line. And so on for other edges.

Don’t forget to set up projector focus first by ensuring projector is perpendicular/parallel to the wall. Only calibrate for distortion after picture in focus over whole image.

Btw a laser line on its own does NOT tell you how flat your wall is. And these short throw projectors amplify that lack of flatness inherent to the design. So other non short throw projectors may look fine. From your images though it seems to me you might just be misunderstanding how to apply HV procedure.

Having the same issue. I think my ALR screen isn’t flat. Annoying but tweaking as a go

Even with ALR screens, it’s never 100% flat. My screen has spring tensions so that helps make it flatter.

Hey @jrsprice , what screen is that? I got one and it just makes my picture look super dark all the time.

Did you calibrate the picture settings yourself?

The screen is:
WEMAX PSA01 UST Projector Screen, 100-inch Ambient Light Rejecting ALR. $100 off coupon & free ship :slight_smile:

There are a bunch of different picture settings you can try but it was already bright out of the box (seen in my earlier photo post). If it’s dark all the time, that could be that the screen is upside down since UST ALR screens are usually directional. My screen had an arrow point up on the back.

I’ll have to post more photos of the setup after moving the screen up a couple of inches and after changing picture settings.

Oh wow we almost had the same screen! I have the FS03/PSF01 From Wemax. I tried to flip it around but it was darker. The arrow is pointing up so it is right. I just feel like it was brighter on the wall but the wall is white so maybe that’s why. I do have a support ticket in for bright spots/dark spots so I am thinking my projector might be defective. We will see what happens. I might reach out to wemax and try to swap for the screen you have.

Had a similar issue to you, I was using an older UST Projector directly on a plaster wall and the picture was ok, but when I upgraded to the U5 the picture was curved/warped on the same wall much worse. After checking with a straight edge (long spirit level), I found my wall wasn’t flat in some spots, long story short, I’ve had to apply a few ‘skim layers’ of plaster on the wall and sand it back whilst constantly checking via the straight edge. Very difficult to get it perfect, but you get out what you put in.

I got an ALR screen and the problem is now solved. Thank you guys for the help.

I do believe, do correct me if I’m wrong, it isn’t so much about about the screen type
(Even though ALR’s are hands down better for obvious reasons)
But because ALR screens that are UST (Ultra short throw) compatible need to be FAF (flat as flat :slight_smile: )

As in the screen can’t be just a sheet on the wall which would be fine (well, not as bad) for a normal beamer.

Don’t ever do this, cows have eyes !

It’s super sensitive for the smallest ripple/imperfection

That looks Super nice, but DAMN I don’t know about this, seems I have to loose a lot of wall space to keep it under 3k :slight_smile:

What’s the size on that screen ? It’s looks REALLY good in daylight, hands down.

This was all pre calibrating, just came back from vacation, so old pics here but gives an idea of my setup. My biggest issue is that I’m being a 2/3K screen and Netflix decides to add to black bars to the mix making it smaller again. Still big upgrade from a 55" But now I’m sold in size :smiley:

Side note, have to give credit to the guy who did the walls when we bought the place, they are smooth and straight, like 90 degrees on the dime. So I did had that issue fixed before it became one.