Shipping to México

Hi, my name is Omar, Contribution ID: 9529, when will it be shipped?, thanks

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Hola Omar. Seguro enviaran a México tras el años nuevo Chino. Le calculo a finales de febrero, inicios de marzo.

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Hola Omar yo también soy de Mexico , contribution 12,443. Aún nada, espero que pronto ya tengamos respuesta

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Hello, any news about shipping dates to Mexico? Please let us know.

Thank you

Any news?, been waiting more than 4 months

Looking to be informed when my picopix max will be shipped to Mexico, or where is it??

Hola! Desde hace un par de semanas ya tengo tracking number en DHL, sin embargo, no a avanzado en lo absoluto. Alguno de ustedes tiene noticias?

Todo esta atrasado con DHL Eduardo, pues si tienes un número de seguida ya pronto recibirás tu proyector.
En Europa tomó como 3 semanas y media después de recibir el número de seguida antes que consiguieron los paquetes.

Así que un poquito más de espera por favor, que ya viene llegando!

Saludos, Ivo

Hola Ivo. Esto quiere decir que mandaron todos los pedidos ya a Mex? Tengo ya seis meses esperando…

Yo no me atrevería a decir que mandaron todos los pedidos ya a Mexico. Pero te aseguro que te mandaron el tuyo, sino no habrías tenido un tracking label.

Tu espera es larga y no te place, pero esto a veces es lo que pasa en una campaña fundida por el público. Y si después sucede un pandemia como el del virus de Corona este, y todo se retrasa, hay que dar le gracias a Dios de que por lo menos ya va llegando el tuyo.

Alguien de México ya recibió su proyector? / Does anyone from Mexico has had received their projector?

no - nothing :frowning_face:

Hi guys! So my PPM finally arrived to Guadalajara, Mexico. Sadly, I am currenty out of town; I tried to get back and my flight was cancelled due to coronavirus.

My package has been 5 days in a DHL service point ready to be retrieved and I am afraid that they might send it back. I have called several times to DHL, they told me the PPM would be sent to a warehouse and stay there for 30 days max, before receiving new shipping instructions from my side.

Another person from DHL told me that they might send it back to origin, unless the shipper says the opposite.

So I am little bit lost here. How should I proceed if my PPM is sent back. Will I have to pay any extras?



is it possible for a colleague/neighbor/friend sign and receive it for you?

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Okay so I just asked someone to do me that favor. He might be able to pick it up later. If the outcome is negative I will write again.

Thank you!


Okay guys a little bit off topic here but… So a friend of mine managed to retrieve my package from DHL. Now, I am bit concerned about the 30 days warranty policy against deffects. I was just informed that my flight is cancelled once again, I will not be able to get back to my hometown city in the next 30 days. Coronavirus is getting worse in Latin America.

I know that is has a 2 year warranty, but I do not quite understand the difference between these 2 years vs 30 days exchange policy.

What will happen if I find out after 30 days that my PPM is not working properly?


Please stay put and stay safe. In some places (including where I live) it is currently blowing up bad.

Let me clarify:
You have a 30 day free-look period where you can return the product with no questions asked, by only paying the return shipping fee.
The warranty stands true for 24 months and any manufacturing defects will be covered for a period of 2 years.

The support team will be able to find you a solution. It the unit is defective, it will be replaced.

Please stay safe, that is most important.


@imdevu thank you very much for the explanation.

And hope everything starts getting better soon where you live.

Best regards!

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Eduardo, on the odd chance that you don’t like the unit despite it working perfectly fine, and want to send it back anyways after the 30 day period, please mention this post and my name in your ticket, and I’ll see if they can waive the 30 days for you. You’ll have to pay for the return shipping but everything else we charged you will be refunded once we have the unit back (except import taxes and such)

Everything else is like how @imdevu explained it: 2 year warranty on defects.

Cuídate, y espero que pronto te unas con tu projector!

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Thank you Ivo. I’m pretty sure this will not be the case but I really appreciate the support.

Te mando saludos y sigue con el buen trabajo! Gracias!

Eduardo G

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